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Corruption Undermines Pancasila

Jakarta. Pancasila, Indonesia’s official state ideology, may have survived many existential threats over the decades since its birth, but there is a latent threat from within the country’s ruling elite that may eventually bring it down. “Some people who see the rise of corrupt practices think that the democratic system of Pancasila must be replaced,” said Franz […]
Foreign investors have dismissed concerns that rising religious radicalism will derail future investments into the world's largest Muslim-majority country and Southeast Asia's largest economy. (Antara Photo/Zabur Karuru)

Foreign Investors Not Deterred by Radicalism

Jakarta. Foreign investors have dismissed concerns that rising religious radicalism will derail future investments into the world’s largest Muslim-majority country and Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Foreign investors, who have poured over $133 billion into various projects across the country over the past decade, believe the current administration has been exceptional in preventing terror attacks. Mark Magee, […]

Companies Screen Employees for Signs of Radicalism

Jakarta. Inside busy offices in Jakarta, human resources departments are now hard at work screening social media posts of job applicants for signs of radical or extremist views. Intolerance and radicalism have taken center stage in Indonesian politics, as politicians are keen to fan sectarian divides to gather support from their electorates. Though radical employees disrupting […]
A woman has her picture taken next to a mural at the National Gallery in Central Jakarta in this June 2017 file photo. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Millennials Put Muslim Lifestyle on Display

Jakarta. Over the past decade, blogs and social media have become fun tools for Muslim millennials in Indonesia to share their take on the latest trends in modest wear, but after recent political events, many have started to share more than just their looks online. In an ongoing study that began in 2009, researchers at […]

Modest Wear Chic

The Muslim fashion industry is gaining strength in Indonesia, with an increasing number of modest wear e-commerce retailers emerging, as women start to use the internet and social media to promote and experiment with clothes that cover them up but still keep them stylish. “Modesty” in a Muslim context may be expressed by wearing loosefitting outer garments, long-sleeved, crew-necked tops, and covering […]